Moonie’s Burger House, Austin, TX

Just a short walk from my apartment and next to Mangia Pizza is Moonie’s Burger House. This is a small local Austin chain with 3 locations. Victoria and I were craving something quick and easy, so we decided to save the driving and walk to the Gracy Farms location. This location is actually the smallest location of all 3.

Like I said, the inside is tiny. We caught it at the right time of day because I can see it get very cozy very fast if it were at peak times.

For a small place, the menu was anything but. They had a very wide selection of choices.

We ordered and then sat down at the table and waited for our food to come out.

The food was made fresh, so I had some time to check the wifi. I didn’t see anything open for Moonie’s.

I got a chili cheese with Fritos burger and Victoria got some chicken strips.

Moonie’s appears to have won several awards for their food. I can see why. My burger was amazing! I tried a piece of Victoria’s chicken strip and it was also amazing! The chicken strips and fries were cooked to perfection and had just the right amount of crisp to them. Overall, they did an excellent job and I’d say this is one of the best burgers I have had in Austin so far. I have a feeling I’ll definitely be back for some more!

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