Mount McKay Scenic Lookout, Fort William First Nation, ON

Besides the Sleeping Giant, Mount McKay is one of the most distinguishable geologic features around Thunder Bay. It can be seen from pretty much anywhere in Thunder Bay and once you climb atop it, you can see all of the city.

Mount McKay is located on the Fort William First Nation. It is sacred ground where the Ojibwe hold their Pow Wow’s. In addition to the Pow Wow area, there is a war memorial and small chapel. Seeing all this together, you can feel the revered and sacred significance of this area.

On a previous visit to Thunder Bay, I wanted to visit Mount McKay. My GPS took me the wrong way and I never got to visit. This time, one of my readers, Ken was riding with me. He gave me better directions and we drove up and checked everything out.

Being that Ken is a member of the Fort William First Nation, we stopped afterwards and talked to some of the people working the front gate. It was definitely a cool experience looking around and learning about everything.

The following are a bunch of pictures I took in the process of visiting. You get a phenomenal view of Thunder Bay and the surrounding area. You really get to take in the beauty of Northwest Ontario as well as the hollowed grounds of Mount McKay!

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