Moving The Longview Office to Tyler

There have been a lot of office moves lately and trips relating to the office moves. Basically, the Longview office was being shut down. There was an outpost of 2 small offices in the Gregg County Courthouse that only a few employees would move to and the rest of the employees would move to the new office in Tyler.

One of the first trips I did to scope out these offices to gather requirements was my 700 mile Circle Tour of Texas. On that trip I just went to each site, surveyed it, and then made a list of everything we needed to do the moves. The next trip I made was to Tyler and Longview to setup the outpost in the Gregg County Courthouse building in Longview and to check on the progress of the Tyler office in terms of construction. The trip in this blog post was finally to help move everything from the Longview office to the Tyler office.

For a good amount of the work, contractors were hired. This allowed us to save a few trips and avoid having to run cables ourselves like we did in Laredo. We still had to do things such as punch down the phones, reprogram the router, make sure everyone’s computers were working in the new office, and of course, double checking the work of the contractors.

Just as my trip to Laredo, I had another coworker come with me. We couldn’t get a company car and the Focus is too small to bring the equipment, so we took his car. It was nice getting to ride in the passenger seat for a change.

Since we met at the office at 4am, I actually slept the majority of the way there. When we arrived at the old Longview office to start dismantling the equipment, I noticed there was an oil well right next to the office.

After we completed the work, we loaded up the vehicle and headed to Tyler. We did hit a few back roads and got stopped by a train in the middle of nowhere.

We met with the Major at the new Tyler office and then unloaded our equipment. Everyone, including the vendors were coming the next day. After unloading the car, we headed to the hotel. It was a really nice hotel and probably one of the nicest I’ve stayed at so far on the road.

Something didn’t seem right at first when I saw the dresser thing across from the bed. I was expecting to see a TV!

At first I thought someone stole the TV, but shortly after, realized it was actually against the wall.

I took a quick look outside and saw the hotel had a nice view of something actually scenic (and not some highway overpass or something).

That night we decided to go to a place called Jucy’s Burgers.

It was definitely some good food. They had a big pot of complementary all you can eat baked beans.

I had the Bandito burger. It definitely hit the spot.

The interesting thing is after we ate, we decided to have a drink or two at the bar. It was funny because we were talking to the bartender and he found out we were from TABC. We found out that the managers there were telling everyone to be on their best behavior since TABC was going to be there. They have a liquor license there and I think were paranoid to lose it. We laughed and told him we were IT guys and didn’t do any enforcement stuff. I know when I am driving the TABC car and go through inland border checkpoints they sometimes ask me who I am going to raid next thinking I’m an agent. I just tell them I’ll raid one of the TABC offices and fix their computers.

The next morning it was a more traditional Southern breakfast of biscuits and gravy and eggs and bacon.

Dealing with the contractors was actually a complete nightmare. The wrong jacks were installed, they didn’t install the demarc point where we specified, and there were many hiccups all day. Both of us were extremely busy all day getting on top of things and making them right. We did get everything corrected and everything was working by the end of the day. By then, we were so tired that we quick stopped by Dairy Queen, which was along the way, and got some food. They actually had a good taco salad and chili cheese dog.

The next morning they had cheese omelets and sausage instead of fried eggs and bacon. I took a bagel and made a nice sandwich with the biscuits and gravy I had.

After breakfast, we headed to the office and finished a few minor things, like printer installs. We hit the road in the late morning. It rained a little bit on and off and there was a lot of flooded areas from prior rain.

We made it back to the office at around normal quitting time. We unloaded the vehicle and then got everything in a row. I might be able to rest a bit this week since no road trips are planned. The week after I go to Laredo to complete the move there, and that Friday when I come back from Laredo, I will be going straight up to Wisconsin. After getting back from Wisconsin, that following week I’ll be hitting the road to survey Verizon cellular router speeds at the port of entry border locations possibly over the course of two weeks. Then, I’ll be back in Wisconsin for Christmas and New Year’s. For the next 2 months, there still a lot of road trips penciled in and a lot of miles to travel.

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