Mustard’s Last Stand, Melbourne, FL

What do you get when you take an owner from San Francisco who opens a Chicago-style hot dog shop in Florida? You get a Joe Montana shrine and a place called Mustard’s Last Stand. This is a very unique hot dog place in Downtown Melbourne, FL.

For being a Chicago-style hot dog shop, the only Bears things I saw Bears vs. Packers ticket. Beyond that, it was just a bunch of quirky things all over and a Joe Montana shrine.

I got a Chicago Dog and Chili Cheese Fries. They really hit the spot, especially after a long day of driving across Florida.

On the way out, I noticed there were some other quirky things on the outside of the building.

I’m glad I stopped at Mustard’s Last Stand. Not only does it have a quirky name, but it also does not fit the mold of a Chicago-style hot dog place. The food was good and really hit the spot!

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