My First Lyft Ride

If you have read this blog any amount of time, you know I pretty much drive everywhere. Every once and a while Victoria will drive somewhere, or someone else will drive and show us around. With that being said, I still pretty much drive everywhere.

Now one thing I won’t do is drink and drive. When I go to places like Thunder Bay, I love staying at the Prince Arthur Hotel. This hotel is within walking distance of many bars, so I can have a good night out and just walk back to the hotel. When I come into any town and plan to drink, I always look for a hotel within walking distance of where I’ll be drinking.

In other cases, I will find a designated driver. Victoria and I will usually switch off when we drink in Austin. When in Marshfield, someone will stay sober and drive, or we’ll call the cab. While Marshfield has a cab service, it doesn’t have Uber or Lyft. This means I have never actually utilized these services.

I guess this changed a bit when I visited Dallas. My buddy Andy and I were planning on going to the Dallas Stars game and having a few drinks. We decided it would be best to take Lyft, so I signed up for it and tried it out.

The sign-up process was pretty painless, and it only took me a few minutes to complete it on my phone. After that, we summoned a driver, and he arrived quickly.

I got to sit back and enjoy the scenery

We got to our destination. Just like the sign-up, the ride itself, as well as paying for it, was painless. We then went on with our night. After we were done with the game and having a few drinks at the bar afterwards, we summoned another driver. In no time, we were back on our way to Andy’s apartment.

Overall, I enjoyed my first Lyft experience. The signup was easy, and the app was also easy to use. I liked the fact I could see where the driver was located and there was transparency in the pricing. It was definitely more convenient than just waiting for a cab to show up. I can see why Lyft is so popular and I have a feeling I’ll be using it a lot more around Austin.

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