My Parents’ Well Water in Wisconsin

My parents live kind of in the middle of nowhere. It shows in how bad their internet is. While the internet itself is bad, the quality of the tap water is great. With no city services for water at their house, they have their own well. This means the water is pure and clean right from the ground. With the woods and other geological factors, the water itself is naturally filtered. By the time the water hits the aquifer it is pure.

The well itself sits quietly next to the house.

The only purification process done with the water is putting it through a water softener. The water is a bit hard and the water softener removes the hardening minerals.

Growing up drinking well water like this has made me very particular when I drink other water. I can easily taste the chlorine and other things they put in the water to treat it. I think living in Austin has desensitized me a bit to this. Austin water is decent overall, but it still doesn’t come close to this water.

I know my brother is also very particular about this water. He lives in the City of Marshfield and will fill up jugs of water at my parents’ house. He wants to drink that instead of Marshfield city water. I honestly don’t blame him!

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