Navy UDT-SEAL Museum, Fort Pierce, FL

When it comes to elite fighting forces, there’s nobody more elite than the US Navy SEALs. No matter if the environment is SEa, Land, or Air, the SEALs are a force to be reckoned with. When I was taking my Deep South road trip, I found out there was a museum dedicated to them in Fort Pierce, FL. I would be spending time in the area, so I knew I had to check it out.

The first cool thing about the museum is its historical geography. The museum is on the original training location for the precursors for the SEALs. These were the Naval Combat Demolition Units (NCDU) and Underwater Demolition Teams (UDT). They are also known as “Frogmen.”

The Frogmen evolved into what we know as the Navy SEALs. While their training location may have changed, their history is preserved here. The museum contains a detailed history of the SEALs. It shows the how the NCDU and UDT teams were formed in WWII. It shows the evolution through the last several decades to what the current Navy SEALs have become.

Besides seeing the evolution of how SEAL teams are used in combat, you get to see the evolution of their gear. An elite team needs elite gear. You get to see the cutting edge warfare technology of each era. It’s a great military history lesson on the part of the military that isn’t talked about as much.

After seeing all the exhibits inside, there’s a lot to explore outside. There are boats and other vehicles that were used by SEAL teams. You’re even allowed to climb in some of these vehicles. If you’re daring, there’s even an obstacle course to try out.

On a more serious note, there are memorials for the fallen. The elite missions are often the most dangerous, and many have paid the ultimate price. The memorials allow you to reflect on and appreciate the sacrifices made by these men.

I visited this museum with my buddy Mat, who is a Navy veteran. We spent a decent amount of time here, and I took a ton of pictures. The following are just some of the pictures I took at the museum.

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