New Day Records, Thunder Bay, Ontario

I actually met Jason, the owner of New Day Records, a while back when I was in the studio with my buddy Ryan during his radio show, Lipstick and Leather. Jason was the radio station manager at the time and has since quit to open this record store. Unlike most music stores I’ve been to, New Day Records pretty much only sells vinyl records and accessories for record players.

The shop is pretty cozy overall and has couches to hang out and listen to music. Personally, I am a CD guy, but this kind of place showcases the appeal of vinyl. I also know Jason is very knowledgable about music, so this is the perfect local shop if you are into vinyl or just music in general.

I was glad Ryan and I were able to visit this place, as we were hanging out downtown between sets at Bluefest. It was nice talking to Jason again and I always love the vibe of an independent music store.

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