New York Fries, Thunder Bay, ON

Tucked in the food court of the Intercity Mall in Thunder Bay is a place called, “New York Fries.” They are a chain that sells poutine. You can’t get much more Canadian than poutine. I wanted to enhance my latest Canadian experience. I knew I would have to get those french fries covered in gravy and cheese curds.

Poutine isn’t just a side order at New York Fries. It’s almost everything on the menu! The only other thing they appeared to have was hot dogs with all the fixings.

I decided to double down and get the ultimate combo. I made my hotdog a poutine dog. There was so much gravy and cheese curds!

The food went down well. That’s the most gravy I’ve had in a while and the first time I’ve had it on a hot dog. If I’m in Canada and need a quick serving of poutine, I know New York Fries delivers!

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