Nick’s Bar-B-Q & Catfish, Carlisle, AR

I saw a bunch of billboards for Nick’s Bar-B-Q & Catfish as I was driving through Arkansas. I was getting hungry, so I decided to stop.

I went inside and was seated at a table.

The table had some hot sauces to put on the BBQ.

The menu had a decent amount of selections.

I got the chopped pork with tater babies and fried okra.

Just like Mac’s BBQ in North Carolina, this was very sweet. I can definitely tell once you get east of Texas, things become much sweeter. With that being said it was really good. I also liked the tater babies and fried okra. I ended up stuffing myself with them.

As I always do, I tried connecting to the wifi. I could not this time.

Overall, Nick’s was good. I was glad they advertised on the billboards and got my attention. After a long day of driving, the food really hit the spot. I was completely stuffed after eating here!

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