Night’s Inn, Thunder Bay, Ontario

When it comes to mom & pop sort of hotels, this place is top notch. Right now I’d go as far to say it’s the best mom and pop hotel I’ve stayed at so far. My buddy Kal, who bartends at Fastlane recommended this as a place to stay at since my normal Prince Arthur was booked for Bluesfest. Fastlane is connected to this hotel.

It first started when I made the reservation. I called and the guy on the phone was very friendly. The interesting thing was, I was about to give him my credit card and he first said, “Well I don’t need a credit card. I got you written down. Phone if anything changes.” My first thought was, “wow, they really trust people,” and that’s where I was first impressed.

I ended up coming into town a day early, and when I went to see if I could extend my reservation, the guy remembered me and said, “So you’re the guy from the States!” Unfortunately, there wasn’t any vacancy, so I stayed at the Prince Arthur, who did have vacancy (for just that night).

The next day I came back to Night’s Inn and checked in for the next 3 nights.

The Outside:

Looking at the outside, it’s very unassuming, but well kept up.

The Lobby:

The lobby was a small room out front.

The Hallways:

This hotel is a bit of a hybrid hotel. It does have a good portion of it with outdoor hallways, but where I actually stayed it was inside a building with indoor hallways.

The Room:

The room was a bit dated. You had to use a physical key to get into the room and there was a tube TV. This is to be expected in a place like this. Where this place went above and beyond for expectations is everything was well-maintained in working order, as well as very clean. There was obvious signs of wear from the room being well-used, but any signs of abuse were fixed (or maybe people actually stayed respectfully). I did not see any actual damage on anything.

The View:

There is a railroad track that ran through, but I got a little view of Lake Superior.

Internet Speeds:

The internet speeds were pretty average and allowed me to do what I needed to do blogging wise.

Other Notes:

Like I said, this place was probably the cleanest I’ve seen a hotel. It was so clean that everything in the bathroom shined.

For the price, this place is an absolute value. I paid $175 Canadian for 3 nights. That’s around $140 American or literally $47 American a night. If this were America, this kind of hotel would be a roach haven and miserable to stay at. In the case of Night’s Inn, it was not even close to this and I very much enjoyed my stay.

The fact that everything was well-maintained and in working order, as well as impeccably clean shows that they do a great job here. So far, this is the best mom and pop sort of hotel I’ve ever stayed at and if I’m in Thunder Bay, I’d book this place again in a heartbeat.

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