Niki’s Pizza, Cedar Park, TX

Every once and a while you find that hole-in-the-wall place that blows you away. This is the case with Niki’s Pizza. It is a small unassuming building tucked behind some trees in Cedar Park, TX. It’s very easy to drive by and not think twice about it. I know I have many times. Victoria had noticed it one time and put it on the “Places We Should Visit” list. We were craving something quick and they had pizza by the slice. To Niki’s we went!

The inside is cozy. We got a glimpse of them putting pizzas in the oven as we walked to the counter to order.

Besides pizza by the slice, they had an extensive menu of Italian food. In addition to the wide selection, their prices were a steal! There were many amazing deals!

We ordered and made our way to the table. They were heating our food up in the oven.

We got some cheese bread to share and I got a slice of sausage and pepperoni and a slice of pepperoni and jalapeno.

Both the pizza and cheese bread were good. What was out of this world was the marinara sauce. It was absolutely amazing!

My eyes ended up being bigger than my stomach. I had to put a piece of cheese bread and a piece of pizza away in a to-go box. It would be good for lunch the next day.

When we left, we noticed there was a drive thru. If I’m passing through in a hurry, I can easily swing by.

I was impressed with Niki’s Pizza. The prices are great and the food is phenomenal, especially the marinara sauce. I see they have a pretty expansive menu, so I know I’ll have to come back and start trying the other things they have to offer. If it’s as good as what I had on this visit, I know I won’t be disappointed!

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