Nipigon General Store, Nipigon, ON

General stores are a staple of any small town. The small town of Nipigon is no exception to this. There’s a general store nestled right downtown. My buddy Ryan and I decided to check it out and see what they had to offer.

I can say there was a little bit of everything in the store. I took a walk around and saw they had just about anything you might need. The couple who owned it was there and they were super friendly. Ryan and I had a great conversation with them. You could tell they took pride in their store and in their small town of Nipigon.

One thing that is done each year is a ceiling tile is left for people to sign. Here is a picture of one of the ceiling tiles.

I really enjoyed stopping by this store. Chatting with the owners was nice and it was cool seeing the wide variety of stuff they had for sale. Ryan was even able to find some catnip for his cat.

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