Nipigon Lookout, Nipigon, ON

When I was at the Nipigon Tourist Information Centre I was told there was a new lookout that has just been built. The views were phenomenal and it was something I definitely needed to check out. My buddy Ryan and I headed there to explore. You could definitely tell it was just being built as the parking lot wasn’t even open.

It was a decent climb up the stairs. I stopped for a few pictures along the way.

I finally made it to the top. The views were pretty phenomenal!

I went back down and Ryan stayed up there to keep enjoying the views.

I can say I’m happy I stopped at the Nipigon Tourist Information Centre. This place wasn’t even on the map so I don’t think I would have discovered it. The views are great and I’m sure if I came a few weeks prior I would have seen some amazing falls colors!

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