Nipigon Tourist Information Centre, Nipigon, ON

When I first got to Nipigon, I decided to stop at their tourist information center (or centre since I was in Canada). I knew of a few things in the area like Paddle to the Sea Park and Tim Horton’s. I wanted to see if there was anything else to discover.

Upon walking in, there were several maps and a ton of information.

The lady behind the counter was super friendly and gave us recommendations. She had mentioned there was a new lookout tower. It was so new it wasn’t even on their maps yet! I took a map and went outside. A little walk down the parking lot was an area with a model of Nipigon.

I took the map in the car and then went to start my adventure in Nipigon.

This travel center was nice. It makes a good rest stop and a good place to get some information on the local area.

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