Nippers Takeout, Thunder Bay, Ontario

On the Thunder Bay Memories group, one place that was recommended by several members was Nippers Takeout. In my last few visits, I did not drop by, due to it being in an area I didn’t really explore. I actually stumbled across Nippers when I was going to Bogdala’s Smoked Meats. Due to some road closures and construction, I had turned down a street and pulled to the side of the road to get my bearings. I ultimately parked on right next to Nippers.

When I saw the sign for it, it instantly rang a bell in my mind, and that was where I decided to have lunch. I first got my jerky at Bogdala’s and then returned to Nippers. The place itself had a very 70’s/80’s retro feel to it.

Being a takeout, place the inside was small. The menus kept the retro feel going and people working behind the counter were really hustling and cranking out orders fast.

Being that coney dogs and burgers are a bit of a Thunder Bay specialty, I ordered a coney burger with some fries. While it was being made, I sat down on a table.

They gave me the order with a massive bag of fries.

The coney burger was good, but the one thing that really stuck out were the fries. They were amazing! The grease from the fries saturated the bag and the combination of that and the right amount of seasoning made these perfect. I would definitely recommend this place for the fries alone!

Another thing that stood out later on is this place does seem like a place that cares about their employees. The employees did seem very upbeat while working, and I did notice on social media they were actually closing the restaurant early on Halloween so the employees could take their kids trick or treating.

That does show they do go the extra mile for their employees. I guess the more businesses that I check out, the more I get an eye for this, and to be honest, I’m starting to find many of the Thunder Bay businesses I have profiled are like this. Nippers just caught my eye in the meantime and I’m glad I had a little lag between posting the blog and seeing that, so I could mention it.

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