No Home Internet Experiment Part II

Last year around this time, I tried going without home internet. I was able to actually get by pretty well since there was internet by the pool of my old apartment. I only had to walk a little ways to access the internet. In December, I moved to the current apartment I am in now. There wasn’t any close internet, and doing an MBA online, I needed to have easy access to internet. Well, I just handed in my final paper for my capstone project, so I am done with my MBA. I am now going to get rid of internet at my apartment.

Now in this day and age people think this is kind of crazy. They think it’s like I’m giving up electricity or something. In the whole scheme of things, I am not giving up on the internet itself. I am just removing it from my home. I am actually writing this as I am waiting for the Time Warner office to open so I can return my router. When I actually called Time Warner, the customer service rep obviously had to ask some questions and then had try to encourage me to continue with them so they didn’t close a customer. I told her I was looking to get rid of home internet to eliminate distractions. She said, “I never heard anyone say that before.”

Anyone with the internet knows how distracting it can be. A minute to check your email or pay a bill, turns into a quick check of Facebook and, before you know it, a couple hours gone by. While most of the stuff viewed is entertaining, nothing productive is getting done. Granted, I needed the internet to be productive with my MBA, this is no longer the case. I am no longer tied to be on the internet at least several hours each week to be able to do my homework.

I notice over the years, I have accumulated a pile of books I want to read. Not having the internet will definitely help me get through this pile.

Besides the books, I have a bunch of ideas I want to develop. I am actually planning on going old school and using the no distraction method of pen and paper. Luckily, back to school shopping was happening. I was able to get a binder and loose leaf paper for pretty cheap.

Some of the ideas I am fully working on are app ideas and things to help me blog more efficiently or add value to my blog. An example is the program that I wrote that can take GPS coordinates and make a video overlay with Google Maps. This program is half developed and works as a proof of concept, but needs to be developed further to use it on a more practical basis.

I am also looking to redo my blog design, since the current design kind of sucks. I am looking to learn Java much better and also get into more app programming. There is a ton of stuff I’m looking to do that I can do without having the internet to distract me. Once I get back from my upcoming vacation, I plan to uninstall the Facebook app from my phone and turn off the majority of notifications on it. Essentially, I want to be as undistracted as possible. I know this sounds like Millennial hell, and starting out it will be. I’m really looking to embrace the boredom in order to make my creativity skyrocket.

Now if I truly need the internet, I can tether my phone with its limited high speed data. Also, with all the traveling I do, I’ll have internet access at hotel rooms. In reality, I’ll probably find places with internet and use the internet there. This will encourage me to explore Austin and find cool new spots with WiFi. When I do look to use the internet, it will be more purposeful and I will be more focused since I am limited on the amount of time I have online. I will definitely keep this blog up to date and not having internet at home will make me think outside the box on how I can more easily post entries on the road, since the road doesn’t have stable internet.

With that being said, this is going to be an interesting and hopefully productive journey. I obviously won’t be online as much as I am now, but I am, by no means, turning into a hermit.

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