No Margin of Error on Texas Roads Part II

On the way back from Arlington, I found a perfect example of why many Texas roads are poorly engineered and dangerous. On our way back, it rained pretty heavily. One thing that happens in Texas when it rains is everyone loses their minds. There is usually a couple of accidents and people who are in the ditch. I know I saw a couple people in the ditch when I watched the weather patterns change driving across Texas.

Well, almost in the exact location on I35 where I shot the footage for Part I, there were some major holdups due to an accident. Then out of the blue, we saw a guy bouncing on the grassy median. I’m not sure how he got hit or what happened, but there he was.

It banged up his car pretty good. What happened there was a set of chain reactions from whatever happened ahead of him. The cars were already stopped and cops were there with flashing lights, so I’m assuming this guy wasn’t paying attention and couldn’t stop in time and decided to take the median. I have seen this multiple times in my rearview mirror where someone swerves into the median to avoid hitting me or the other stopped cars in the line of backed up traffic.

The chain reaction was caused by an existing accident that was obviously there a while since the cops were there.

I don’t know how that guy hit the median, but he sure hit it hard.

Anyways, driving in Texas kind of scares me. Maybe it’s the fact that I travel tens of thousands of miles a year on Texas roads and see a lot of things, but driving here is just crazy. Sometimes I have a feeling the Focus, which has well over 200K miles, won’t wear out fully out. I have a feeling it’ll eventually end up smashed. I know I’ve had a few close encounters, but so far I’ve had good luck. Hopefully my luck doesn’t run out.

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