No Margin of Error on Texas Roads

I don’t know what it is about Texas, but driving in this state is its own beast. When I drive up to Wisconsin, it seems like it’s the worst state to drive in. I think it really boils down to a combination of the explosion of people moving here, as well as an underinvestment in infrastructure. The congestion caused by these 2 factors are the reason I minimize my commute to not have to deal with it.

Now going back to the underinvestment in infrastructure, it really shows in the design of the roads. It seems like no thought was put into the roads and/or they didn’t want to spend the money to create safe roads. I suspect that many fatalities occur because there is really no margin of error on the road. It seems there is literally several inches between you, the other cars either in the other lane or oncoming traffic, or to the curb itself.

My first example is 45th Street. This road has a few curves and it is kind of scary to drive it.

Next, for a super narrow road is 2222. While the scenery is great, the speed limit is 45mph and people are flying much faster than that. It gets a little nerve racking driving this area.

Now what I shown you was normal roads. Roads under construction can be even scarier. The following video is exiting on Far West to get to my apartment. Notice the concrete barrier is a ways into the lane to the point you have to drive well past the white line and almost onto the unpaved shoulder?

While you might not have to almost go off the road in interstate construction, there is literally inches between you, the concrete barrier, and the other lane. You can see how banged up the barriers are from people hitting them.

With that, it’s white knuckle driving as you drive past other vehicles.

As you can see by my above examples, there is really no margin of error on Texas roads. You can literally sneeze, and if it causes your car to move mere inches, it will cause some sort of collision. I wonder how many accidents are cause by minor mistakes like this. I remember in the defensive driving course they made me take for work to be on the approved driver’s list, the instructor mentioned there were 3 “E’s” of driving: enforcement, education, and engineering. In terms of engineering, it seems they are doing a pretty horrible job on Texas roads.

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