No Service at Jim’s in Austin

I’ve been to Jim’s once before. It’s one of my future father in law’s favorite places in Austin. In many ways it’s just like a Texas-style Perkins. When Victoria and I went with him to the one near US-183 and Burnet the food was good. The outside looks a bit sketchy so I didn’t feel it would do it justice to write a blog entry about it.

When we received a coupon for Jim’s in the mail, we got a little excited. This was for the Jim’s off of Research Boulevard in North Austin close to where we live.

On a Saturday night we arrived to have dinner.

Right in the lobby area there was a big sign that said, “Please wait to be seated.”

I figured we’d be seated fast considering nobody was waiting in the seating area. There also looked to be a lot of open tables.

So we waited and waited and waited. Every once and a while a server would look over to us standing there. It was clear they could see us standing there, yet they didn’t even give us an acknowledgement. After over 5 minutes of standing there, I got fed up and decided to go to Wing Stop.

Now why am I even writing this? In many ways I should have glossed over blogging about this like I did the last time I was at Jim’s. I guess I often get criticized for sometimes giving overly positive blog entries. I am sometimes even asked if I ever write a bad review on a place.

This is the rare instance where things didn’t go right. If you’ve read other blog entries, I’m a stickler for service. By service, I’m not saying things instantly need to happen. In this case a server should have acknowledged that I was waiting to be seated. I would then expect them to give me a timeframe that I would have to wait.

If they delivered in that timeframe, they would have satisfied my expectations. I would have given them an A in terms of customer service. By me standing there for over 5 minutes (and who knows how much longer if I would have stayed) without a mere acknowledgement, they received an F.

I don’t like writing these sort of blog entries, but I guess this serves as an example. A mere acknowledgement would have went a long way. With that being said, this blog entry isn’t to shame Jim’s. I’ve eaten there before and their food is good. I encourage my readers to go there and try it for themselves.

I wanted to provide transparency in my blog and show that not every experience is great as I can often portray. If my future father in law comes to town, I have no objections about going back. If I do go back, I really hope the service is up to par and doesn’t show a systemic issue with this restaurant.

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