Nolechek’s Meats, Thorp, WI

I’m always up for checking out meat places so I decided to drive to the small town of Thorp and check out Nolechek’s Meats.

They had a cool cow statue with the different cuts of meat.

I went inside and could instantly see there was a ton of meat to choose from.

There was everything from summer sausage (I mean it is a staple of Wisconsin)…

…to beef sticks

…to bacon…

…to kielbasa..

You definitely don’t want to forget about the cheese!

There was also a large frozen section.

What caught my eye was the snacks area. You can’t beat jerky!

I decided to load up on jerky and beef sticks.

The beef sticks were decent, but the jerky is what really stood out. There were large solid hunks I’d almost call meal-sized pieces. It was tough like jerky should be and loaded with flavor. I can tell you I wasn’t disappointed in this little road trip to Thorp!

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