Northern Waters Smokehaus, Duluth, MN

When I was in Duluth, I was looking around for a good place to eat in Canal Park. Being that I was on Lake Superior, I’m always in the mood for smoked fish. When I saw Northern Waters Smokehaus on the map, I knew I had to check the place out.

When I got inside, I found it to be a cozy little restaurant. They had a small deli counter with the smoked meats and fish. Their menu had a lot to offer.

I ordered a Cajun finn. I got chips and a root beer with it. I then sat down and ate it.

I also checked to see if there was wifi. I did not see any.

The Cajun finn was good. The one thing I could tell is it was the Northern version of Cajun. There wasn’t much heat to it, but that’s to be expected in the Midwest. Other than that, the other spices came through well and I liked it! The sandwich was wholesome and filled me up. I have a feeling on a future trip to Duluth, I’ll be swinging by again.

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