Nutz Deep II, Marshfield, WI

I really wonder when people come to Marshfield, what they think of a bar named, “Nutz Deep.” It sounds like something dirty of a place you wouldn’t want to claim you frequented. The crazy thing is, this is the furthest from the truth. If you ask anyone in Marshfield where you can get great food, they’re going to recommend Nutz Deep. I’m sure the accounting departments of many companies do a second look when someone submits a receipt from there for travel expenses.

I really can’t tell you how many times I’ve been to this bar. It’s pretty much the bar I hung out the most when I lived in Marshfield and also when I’m in town visiting Marshfield. It’s also my dad’s favorite bar. His friend friends and him usually have the weekly Thursday “meeting” there. It’s probably one of the best all-around bars you’re going to get in Marshfield.

In many cases, it seems like there’s 2 different crowds that hang out there. You first have the dinner crowd and regulars like my dad. They are usually there after work during the weekdays or before 9PM on weekends. After 9PM, that’s when some tables are put away, the DJ comes in, and the younger crowd comes in.

Now what I find a bit crazy is the “younger” crowd isn’t the just turned legal drinking age crowd anymore. It was when I turned 21, but those people have remained the regulars and now we’re a part of the younger “old people” crowd. I guess now it’s mainly a bunch of us in our mid 20’s to early 30’s that are now the “younger” people there instead of all the people in their early 20’s and just turned legal age.

Due to this being an excellent place to eat and hang out, Nutz Deep has grown substantially over the years. They first added on an extra dining area a few years back. More recently, they bought the building next to them and added a bunch of pool tables to that area. The bar has literally doubled in size the last 7 years I’ve been legal to drink (Damn, I guess I am getting old). It now seems like the bar takes up over half the block, especially with the parking lot.

Like I said, I visit this bar all the time. With the most recent visit, I was there for the after party of my class reunion. Just like the Brewpub, Nutz Deep has a large selection of local and microbrew beers. Also, just like my visit to the Brewpub, I didn’t eat anything and drank pop so I could drive home. There appeared to be a wedding downstairs, but I was able to get pictures of the whole place later in the night when things dispersed (and also had to walk through that area downstairs to get to the smoking area where my friends were).

I’ll probably update this blog entry in the future with more (and most likely better) pictures as I continue to visit and actually eat and drink there. This is my go to spot in Marshfield, so I definitely know I’ll be back often.

When I first got to the place it was pretty dead, but it filled up fast!

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