Oil Change on the New Focus

After driving up to Wisconsin, it was time to change oil on the new Focus. I had made sure the miles were trued up and the timing was right to change it at 10,000 miles.

Now, I am absolutely loving the 40-50mpg I get on the highway. So far I am impressed with this car. One thing I am not impressed with is how much a pain it can be to change oil. The one nice thing is both Focuses take the same 5w20 oil, along with the same oil filter. Beyond that, it’s night and day differences when it comes to changing oil.

For the 2007, I don’t even have to jack it up. I can literally reach underneath the car and change the oil easily in the parking lot. I understand why they put a felt cover under the motor to essentially trap heat for less denser air, but it’s a pain to remove (as well as I wonder how long it’ll last in Northern winters).

Since I was at my parent’s house, I was able to put it on ramps and a little bit later, with the help of an Allen wrench, I was able to remove the cover.

Besides the cover, the oil filter is in a crappy place. Instead of being facing down and in the front of the motor, it’s facing sideways and above the drain plug; You end up making a big mess taking it off due to oil dripping all over everything.

One positive thing I’ll give the design of this motor is the oil drain plug itself has the most threads I’ve ever seen on an oil drain plug. I guess that should make it pretty sturdy overall.

Like I said earlier, I absolutely love this car. For all the miles I drive, the fuel economy it provides is great! Everything else about the car has been great so far and this is my only gripe. I wish the placement of the oil filter was like my other Focus (which they did great engineering that). I know oil changes will be a pain in the future, but it’s a small pain to endure compared to the benefits I’m receiving from having this car.

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