Old Chicago Pizza and Taproom, Dallas, TX

Old Chicago is a Colorado-based pizza chain. They pride themselves in having a large selection of craft beers. I visited the one in Dallas with my buddy Andy. I had just did a police ride along with him and we wanted to unwind after that.

On the inside was a bunch of tables to sit and also a large bar area. We made it to the large bar area.

They weren’t lying about their selection of craft beers. There were a ton of taps behind the bar and an extensive beer menu.

They even had Cigar City. This beer is out of Florida. I was first introduced to it when I was at Michael’s house.

I first had a Shiner and then a Lonestar.

In the meantime, I checked the wifi. Their download speeds were good, but upload speeds were slow. For surfing the internet, the download speeds are what matters.

One cool thing about this place is they have a late night menu. I was told this helps people fill up their stomachs and cut down a bit on drunken driving. For this, it doesn’t matter if you were drinking or not, a $2 single topping pizza was a heck of a deal!

The pizza was really good! It really hit the spot and obviously didn’t hit the wallet hard. I was definitely impressed and could see myself coming back and trying a full pizza. The bar itself was relaxed and it was just a good place to hang out. Being that it is a chain, I may have to hit up another one closer to home.

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