Omas Kitchen, Austin, TX

Since the 2600 meetups have been at the Dobie Mall food court the last how many months, I have found that I really like the Korean food at Oma’s Kitchen. The majority of times I’ve been to the meetup, this is where I’ll have supper. I guess I’m always up for trying new things and this place has a lot of good things to try.

It is tucked in the corner of the food court.

I am assuming the guy who is always there is the owner. He’ll greet with you a smile and take your order and then promptly get to making it.

He then usually sends it to the back and someone else finishes it off.

While you’re waiting, you can grab chop sticks or silverware.

I usually get a bottle of Mexican coke or Fanta, but there is also a bit bucket of tea there.

I usually try something a little different each time. This time I got the ramen.

I’m glad that there is this place at the Dobie Mall food court that I can get some good Korean food. Usually for Asian food, Chinese or Japanese is what is more widely available, so I’m happy I can swing by this place when I go to my monthly 2600 meetup and get a little more variety.

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