Packer Party

In Wisconsin, the Packers are basically like a religion. The whole state bleeds green and gold. Growing up, there was always a ton of Packer’s stuff on my walls and football was pretty much life. Since the season opener was going to be when I was visiting Wisconsin, my parents decided to throw a Packer party.

Now with every Packer party there is a ton of food. No Packer party is complete without brats.

Everyone knows to have a good brat, you need sauerkraut.

My parents did live in Lafayette, Louisiana, for a few years after high school. While it would never cross a Wisconsinite’s mind to make jambalaya, my dad decided to make a toned down version for the Upper Midwestern palette.

One thing that is common pretty much anywhere in Wisconsin is cheese curds.

Now the basement has Packer stuff everywhere.

There is the stock certificate the states my parent’s ownership in the Packers.

There is also an autographed picture of Bart Starr and me when I was at my first Packer game.

Now for good luck, the Packer tree was lit.

We are hoping the Packers will play well so we’re not crying in the corner.

Jordy (who is named after Packer Jordy Nelson) is also wearing her Packer stuff for good luck.

By this time everyone is arrives, there is a lot more food.

I got a brat and cheese curd plate…

…and some jambalaya.

I also drank some Hamm’s beer.

Every time the Packers scored we passed around the bottle.

Leon decided to pose with the bottle and the helmet he made.

He also posed by the Packer tree.

The Packers ended up winning so they put the helmet and pimp cane on top of the deer.

A little after the game the bottles were empty…

…and the can bin was full of beer cans.

It was good that the Packers won, even if it was hard to watch with it being down to the wire. I know there are some Packer bars in Austin, so I’ll have to go party down there with my fellow Cheeseheads!

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