Paddle to the Sea Park and Nipigon Marina, Nipigon Ontario

<edit 4/1/19>: It has been brought to my attention that many of my pictures also include the Nipigon Marina in it. I assumed that the whole area was Paddle to the Sea Park, but the first bunch of pictures I have are in fact the marina. Paddle to the Sea Park and Nipigon Marina is still one of my favorite places to visit in the world. </edit>

One of my favorite places in the world to visit is Paddle to the Sea Park in Nipigon, Ontario. Nipigon is this small little town of around 1500 people and is about 75 miles north of Thunder Bay. One thing I’ve found is it is very peaceful up there and it’s relaxing just hanging out by the water.

I actually have the following picture that I took on my Lake Superior Circle Tour set as my background on my work computer:

Additionally, I tell my boss we need to be able to design our network and computer systems so I can be sitting on the dock where I took that picture, and be able to fully do my job. The ultimate goal is to make everything as location independent as possible so I can do my work in another country in a nice and peaceful place.

Like I said, it’s like just a nice and peaceful feeling you get from hanging out there. It’s like a natural dose of therapy. It’s just quiet and tranquil and being around the water is a bit soothing. It was a bit windy and cold when I was there, but I still felt nice and relaxed after being there a while. I decided to walk around and take a few pictures. I think next time I come up, if it’s warmer, I may hang around here for a while and get some work done for my blogs or maybe be able to test out what I suggested to my boss.

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