Papa Perez Mexican Cuisine, Bryan, TX

Papa Perez is a Mexican restaurant in Downtown Bryan, TX. Their motto is, “Mexican with a Twist.” This is where Victoria and I met Briana before we got our engagement pictures taken.

We went inside and headed to a table.

We munched on some chips and salsa while waiting for Briana. I checked the wifi in the meantime and saw there wasn’t anything there.

Briana came and we got our menus. There were a lot of interesting things on it.

They also had a Lent menu.

One of the interesting things I saw on the menu was the enchilada burger. That’s what I got. Victoria got the smothered chicken breast.

The enchilada burger was definitely unique! It had guacamole on top of the bun and you ate it with a fork and knife. It was a Mexican-style burger and it was good! I ate as much as I could and was stuffed. Overall, Papa Perez was good. The food was unique and the portions are very large.

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