Papalote Taco House, Austin, TX

Austin is known for its tacos. There’s so many taco places, it’s easy to drive past them without even thinking about it. This has been the case with Papalote Taco House. I literally drive past this place every single day on my commute home from work. It’s close to East Side Pies. After going there I took notice of this place. I decided to stop in and see what they had to offer.

They had plenty of soda by the bottle. It was the real stuff made with sugar and imported from Mexico.

They also had a Tecate pinata.

What got me really excited was the unmarked bottles of red and green sauce. When I was in Brownsville, I learned this is the mark of an authentic Mexican taco place.

I grabbed a bottle of soda, the hot sauce, and then took a look around as I went to the table.

When I ordered the tacos, I apologized that I butchered the names. When a white boy like me can’t pronounce what’s on the menu, I know it’s authentic. The guy behind the counter was a good sport about it and I was able to order a Pollo a la Parilla and Alambres taco. Victoria got two Pollo a la Parilla tacos.

The tacos tasted great! The meat had a ton of flavor to it. I usually get flour tortillas and these were warm, floury, and fresh. Both of the hot sauces added even more flavor. This is definitely a taco place that I might have to visit on a more regular basis, especially since it’s right on the way home!

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