Paqui Tortilla Chips, Austin, TX

Do you ever notice that most chips that seem to compete with Doritos seem off? It seems most other brands can match the texture of Doritos, but there’s something lacking in the flavor. I have finally found a tortilla chip that can hold its own! When I was on my adventure with Flat Max, I discovered Paqui Tortilla Chips. They were giving out samples at Whole Foods. Victoria and I liked them so much that we each picked a flavor and bought two bags.

The awesome thing about Paqui Tortilla Chips is they’re a local Austin product. Local products always catch my attention! In addition, they focus on being all natural. It’s good to see an otherwise junk food be a bit healthier. Taste-wise they are great!

The first flavor we tried was the Fiery Chile Limon.

Sweet and spicy is the best way to put this chip. When you first put the chip in your mouth you get a sweet and pleasant taste. Then it’ll hit you! The fire ignites, leaving you with a spicy aftertaste. A couple of these chips will cause a bit of an inferno in your mouth. Fiery Chile Limon flavor does give a good balance between sweet and spicy.

The second flavor we tried was the Cool Salsa Verde.

Unlike the Fiery Chile Limon, the Cool Salsa Verde focuses on flavor and not heating up your mouth. The flavorful taste of salsa verde is in every bite! The taste is smooth and this would be great for someone seeking a chip without a bunch of spice.

Overall, I think these chips are great! They speak for themselves and it’s amazing they’re made right in Austin where I live. I know I’ve found a good brand I can come back to.

Now it’s your turn. Give them a try and let me know what you think. We might not have the same tastes, but I’m sure you’ll find a flavor you’ll really enjoy. You can get them delivered to your door from the links below.

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