Parking and a Free Bus Ride to the Game

One of the nice things that Texas A&M has for games is free parking and a bus that will take you between the parking and the game itself. The interesting thing is Victoria used to drive one of these busses during college and her grandpa was one of the Texas A&M employees that was responsible for making the bus system what it is today. With that, it is definitely really nice to find a parking lot away from the congestion of campus and then have a bus take you to the game. What makes it even better is it’s free!

After parking, we got on the bus and it took us to the campus.

We then got off the bus and started to walk around.

After a walk around the campus, we ate and then went to a tailgate. From the tailgate, we got on another bus that took us to Kyle Field.

After the game, it was time to take the bus back to the parking lot. This time the lines were much longer and the busses were more packed.

We got lucky and were some of the first people in line for a new bus, so we actually got to sit. Besides that the bus got packed fast.

In many ways, it’s really cool Texas A&M provides free parking and also a free bus to and from the game. I see where this really fights congestion around the stadium and is just a great service to the fans that cuts some of the costs of going to a game.

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