Passenger Side Mirror Repair on the Focus

Due to the crappy way they design roads in Texas and the little margin of error they have, I had a little incident with a garbage can. I was going down Far West and there were a few inches between me and oncoming traffic, as well as the curb. The was a slight bend in the road and there was on oncoming car, so I was paying attention to that to avoid a head on collision.

While paying attention to that, I heard a snapping sort of noise and then a shatter. Come to find out, some idiot had their garbage can slightly in the road and enough for me to brush it with my passenger side mirror. Sadly, even if I saw it, unless I could stop on a dime, there would have been no way not to hit it. As you can see, it literally just scraped across the side of the mirror.

There was just enough force to shatter most of the glass.

Now I wasn’t too happy. I eventually go to AutoZone and found out they wanted $70 for a replacement mirror. I went online and found on Amazon that I could get the part for $30 with free Prime shipping, so I ordered it.

Unless the job is complicated or requires special tools or a lot of time to do, I do my own repairs. I’ve fixed the issues with the AC and also do all my own maintenance. This job didn’t look too hard, so when the package arrived with the new mirror, I set myself to it. One awesome thing I did was invest in a repair manual when I bought the car.

I disconnected the battery and then popped the cover off for the mirror.

I then disconnected the power cable to the mirror.

There was a single bolt I had to remove to get the mirror off.

Come to find out, there was a little screw too. I tried putting on the new mirror and it wouldn’t’ go in a hole because of the plastic that snapped and was leftover. This was the worst part of this job since the impact of getting the trash can snapped the plastic piece and the screw was stuck to the point I couldn’t just take a screwdriver and turn it out.

After a bunch of messing around with a screwdriver, lighter, and brute force, I finally got the damn thing out.

I put the mirror on, reconnected the battery, and everything worked great! I also put the cover back into place.

Realizing I could not reuse the screw and I did not have a replacement, I checked to make sure if it made an impact on the stability of the mirror. The mirror stayed in place and that little screw doesn’t seem to do a whole lot of anything. For safe measure I covered the hole with some electrical tape to make sure water would not seep in.

Even with the screw being a royal pain, I still managed to get this job done in exactly an hour. I was happy my parking lot mechanic skills held up. I guess maybe I’ll start walking a bit more and shed some of my excess pounds in the process. Judging by the a lot of the cars around here, that’s really the only way to prevent banging it up.

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