Out of the Past Collectibles, Austin, TX

Sometimes I just happen upon a place that I know I need to blog about. Victoria and I were looking to get rid of some music boxes and we stumbled upon Out of the Past Collectibles. After calling them, we found out this would be the perfect spot to sell the music boxes.

We loaded everything into my car and headed there. I was picturing this would be a standard antique store like Vintage 205 in Johnson City. When we arrived I can see I was dead wrong.

I found this place to be the embodiment of the quirky culture of Austin and I had to blog about it. Now if you have OCD or are a neat freak of any kind, this place will drive you nuts. If you’re looking for something, you’re better off stopping at the door and asking if they have what you want. I was told they have a method to their madness and should be able to find things fast for you.

If you’re a treasure hunter or just looking to visit one of the things that “Keeps Austin Weird,” you’ve really hit the jackpot at this place. You may be looking for some collectible for your collection. Most likely they got it! If you’re like me, you’re going to nostalgically live out your childhood at this place. There were many old toys sitting around that I used to play with.

If you ever wondered where the stuff ends up after the bidding is done on Storage Wars, look no further than here. The people who own this place have been in business in Austin for over 30 years. They’ve been doing Storage Wars before reality TV made it a mainstream thing.

Like I said, the place looks like a cluttered mess. That’s most of the appeal. Whatever your treasure hunting motivations are, you will want to check this place out. I’m glad I randomly stumbled upon it! When everything was said and done, I found a really cool record.

With that, these are a few of the pictures I took on my treasure hunt.

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