You Have to Pay for That!? Crappiest Toll Road Ive Seen So Far

We all know Texas is one of those states where people have strong aversion to paying any sort of taxes. One of the issues that happens with this is finding ways to pay for infrastructure. One way to get around increasing taxes to pay for infrastructure in a state that is rapidly growing is to create tolls roads. Now most of the toll roads I’ve been on are decent overall and allow you to actually move much faster than the non-toll roads. Heck, SH130 even has a speed limit of 85mph!

While most toll roads are good because they’re the express way of getting somewhere, TX49 really is not. It’s merely a 2 lane highway.

While the speed limit is 75mph, it’s hard to even get close to this since there’s really no way to pass. I literally got stuck behind a semi doing 60 the whole time.

Literally, I’m paying the same toll rates as I would on a multilane highway, but cannot even achieve the speed limits. I pretty had to go 15 under the speed limit the whole time. Basically, you’re paying full price for half the service as well as not even meeting the minimum speed limit.

Since I was in the company car, I obviously didn’t have to personally pay for the toll. The thing is, I’m hoping this isn’t a future sign that every 2 lane highway becomes some sort of toll road in the future. A good chunk of Texas is still connected by 2 lane highways, which ironically have the same 75mph speed limit that this toll road has.

This is the first toll road I’ve encountered like this, so maybe it’s a one-off sort of deal. I take the toll roads often around Austin because paying the extra bit of money saves me a substantial amount of time, as well as wear and tear from stop and go traffic. If regular roads start becoming tolled, I can see doing any significant amount of traveling in Texas as being kind of a rip off.

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