Pepper Palace, Orange Beach, AL

Pepper Palace is a store that specializes in hot sauces. My uncle recommended that I stop here since I would be passing through Orange Beach, AL. Pepper Palace is one of the stores in The Wharf shopping center.

I walked inside and saw I was in a chilihead’s heaven!

In many ways, I didn’t know where to start! I walked around to scope out the place.

After walking around, it was time for samples! I talked to the lady behind the counter. She was very helpful, and I found out she was originally from Lafayette. It’s kind of crazy because I was just there the day before! She explained to me their spiciness rating system and where it related to my tastes. I dove in an sampled a few.

I ended up buying the Gulf Shores gift pack. Each hot sauce represented something about the area.

If I were rich and had a truck, I might have bought one of each hot sauce. I do love my hot sauce and this place is the perfect place to buy it. There is such a massive selection that they appear to have something for everyone. I’m glad I took my uncle’s recommendation. Next time I’m passing through, I’ll have to stop again and load up the trunk!

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