Pepperettes in Texas!

As many of you already know, I love pepperettes. They’re Canada’s version of beef sticks. As I continued to visit Canada, I’d always see pepperettes everywhere I’d go. Eventually I decided to make pepperettes the focus of a trip and try as many different ones as possible.

While pepperettes are common in Canada, they’re rare in the US. Beef sticks are good in their own right, but Canadian pepperettes have their own unique flavor. That’s why I stocked up on a case of them when I visited Thunder Bay for Blues Fest.

Fast forward to everyday life in Austin. Victoria and I regularly go on our weekly Friday night Costco dates. We get the usual list of stuff and occasionally stroll the aisles to see if there is anything else cool to try. Being a meat and dairy fan, we always head down the meat and cheese aisle.

Something caught me eye! I saw turkey peps. Peps is a short way of saying pepperette. I did a double take to make sure what I saw was true.

Now that it caught my attention, I had to see if they were authentic Canadian. I turned the package over and there was the label. They were from Grimm’s Fine Foods in Langley, British Columbia.

Keeping true to the Costco bulk tradition, they came in two 2 pound packages.

I had finally found Canadian pepperettes in the good ole USA!

Being that I held it up to my US flag I hang on the wall, I also held it up to my Canadian flag. It was a bit of a quest to find that Canadian flag just like it was to find pepperettes in the US.

When I did my Canadian pepperette quest in Thunder Bay, I was told that border restrictions are probably one of the reasons I don’t see many pepperettes in the US. Exporting beef from Canada to the US is very hard. Most pepperettes are beef-based so this makes sense. The only non-beef pepperette I remember trying was a chicken one from Maltese Grocery.

With that being said, all Canadian pepperettes have a distinct flavor regardless of the meat being used. Grimm’s turkey pepperettes have that flavor. When I first bit into one, that flavor rushed my taste buds. I knew I had hit the jackpot and I was glad these are sold at my local Costco in Austin.

A nice thing about turkey is it’s much leaner. Victoria is the one who really got me into eating leaner meats. I typically would beef or pork. Now I’m eating a lot more turkey. We get ground turkey for tacos and turkey bacon for breakfast. It was only natural to add turkey pepperettes to my diet to make up for the beef sticks I’d normally snack on.

It seems Grimm’s Fine Foods also focuses on being healthier. They’re very particular on being healthy and making sure their pepperettes are gluten free. Out of all the places I visited in Thunder Bay, Bay Meats was the only place that advertised this kind of focus.

I know most of my Canadian trips are to Thunder Bay. If I get some time, I’ll have to head over to British Columbia and maybe do another pepperette quest there. I’ll have to stop by Grimm’s and check out their operation. Until then, it’s good I can get them at Costco. I’ll have to watch their website to see if any more good things are coming my way down here in Austin.

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