Pepperoni Sticks in Canada

<update 6/18/18>I have since taken a trip to Canada in pursuit of buying pepperoni sticks there. They are called pepperettes and you can read about my and you can read about my Canadian pepperette quest here.

If you are looking for some good pepperettes the following is my recommendation for a good sampler pack:

Otherwise, enjoy the rest of this blog entry and hopefully you’ll get to taste the greatness of Canadian pepperoni sticks (aka pepperettes). </update>

I’m a big Trailer Park Boys fan and I always found it interesting Ricky’s obsession with pepperoni.

I know Trailer Park Boys is a Canadian show, but I never really saw the kind of pepperoni that Ricky (and others) would eat in America. The only pepperoni most people in America eat is the round slices on their pizza or maybe a pepperoni flavored beef stick. On a recent trip to Canada, I definitely noticed it everywhere, especially in convenience stores.

What I’ve come to find out is pepperoni is pretty much the same thing as beef sticks are in Wisconsin. The main difference is the flavor. While there is a bit of a smoky flavor to them, it’s not close to the ones in Wisconsin. The flavor is more like the pepperoni you’d have on a pizza (obviously), with the same texture and shape as the beef sticks.

I guess it seems like Canadians love the taste of pepperoni much more than Americans. I have seen some pepperoni-flavored beef sticks in Wisconsin, but that’s one of many other flavors. When I see the shelves of a Canadian convenience store, there’s pepperoni sticks everywhere and pepperoni is the main flavor with everything else being secondary.

While I do like my beef sticks more, these pepperoni sticks are also pretty good. They do make a good road trip snack, and I did buy a pack or two while I was driving around Canada. I know if I have a beef stick craving and I’m in Canada, these things will usually satisfy that craving.

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