Perkins Restaurant, Marshfield, WI

When I was at Village Inn in Colorado, I was reminded of a local chain from back home, Perkins. I have went to Perkins many times, especially since it’s one of the only places open after bar close in Marshfield. Their food is good and I have never been disappointed.

Of course, they have a bunch of baked goods there that tempt people as they walk in.

The restaurant is a standard sit down restaurant chain. You can see there appears to be a wall between 2 different sections. Back in the day (now I’m sounding old) one side used to be smoking and the other side non-smoking (the smoking ban effectively made it all non-smoking).

Typically when I go to Perkins, I get an omelette. This time was no exception.

The omelette was good. I was also happy they had decent wifi so I could let me phone sync up with Dropbox while I ate. It synced much faster than the crappy internet at my parent’s house.

I was definitely full after eating and the omelette hit the spot. The nice thing they had was to go cups for the coffee. That definitely helped wake me up a bit more.

For a sit down restaurant chain, Perkins is great. They’re all over the Upper Midwest and it’s a good place to get something to eat, especially after bar close. I’m also happy they have decent wifi. Instead of hitting up McDonalds in the morning for breakfast so I can use their wif when I’m sleeping in my car on road trips, Perkins might be the place to stop if I’m in the Upper Midwest.

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