Pick ‘n Save, Marshfield, WI

Pick ‘n Save is a major grocery store chain in Wisconsin. Personally, I shopped more at Festival or Walmart. The one nice thing about Pick ‘n Save is it’s less of a zoo to shop at. It seems a lot less crowded, and the aisles are wider. In a lot of ways, this makes for a nice shopping experience.

I came to Pick ‘n Save to look for local products. It seems they do have a decent selection and also a good way of marking stuff from Wisconsin. Besides stuff made in Wisconsin, I saw some stuff local to Austin.

I do like Festival’s deli a bit more, but the one thing in the deli that stands out at Pick ‘n Save is the fried chicken. It’s the best in Marshfield! I took a walk around Pick ‘n Save and picked up a few more local products. The fried chicken was tempting, but I passed it up (this time).

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