The Pier Bar, Thunder Bay, Ontario

My buddy Ryan likes to go to The Pier Bar because he says they’re the cheapest bar downtown. I know he drinks a lot more mixers, so I could definitely see that. I’ve found that beer prices are about the same no matter where I go for at least macro brew sort of beer. Since Ryan and I always find a night or two to hang out when I’m in Thunder Bay, we will end up at this bar at one time or another.

This bar is connected to Shoreline Motor Hotel. I have stayed here several times on other visits to Thunder Bay, including the time JP and I stayed there. This was before I wrote blog entries on individual places I stayed at, so I don’t have a blog entry on Shoreline itself.

You walk upstairs and then the bar is on the second floor. When you get inside, the bar has the feel of one of those all around sort of hang out places. There’s a big long bar to sit at, a couple pool tables to shoot pool, and there’s often a DJ there playing music. It does remind me of some of the bars I hung out at in Marshfield.

The one awesome thing they have is a window that you can catch a view of Sleeping Giant.

When I was taking some pictures, the owner was sitting at the bar and was asking me if I was taking pictures to buy the place. I just told him about the blog and we talked a little bit. One thing he has that is very sharp is a Shelby Mustang sitting outside across the street.

Another thing they have is a patio to hang out on. In the summer, the weather is usually great in Thunder Bay, so it’s nice chilling on the patio and having a beer.

The Pier is one of those all around bars that you’d find around any town. It pretty much offers everything that you’d find in a typical neighborhood-style bar and also has cheap drinks.

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