Piranha Records, Round Rock, TX

I always love to buy CD’s and listen to the whole album. When I lived in Wisconsin, I’d stop by Strictly Discs and stock up on CD’s. After eating at PoK-e-Jo’s, I decided to drop by Piranha Records. This place is right next door and is a quirky music store that sells anything from 10 cent CD’s to records and 8-tracks and pretty much anything in between in terms of music-related stuff. They also sell old video games, including Playstation 1.

They had a Father’s Day special where any $8 used CD was $2. That was enough to entice me to buy a stack of CD’s.

I’m going to keep an eye out for specials at this place. I know music stores are a dying thing so it’s great that there are still ones in business. I try to frequent (and support) them when I can and I’ll have to make this place a regular stop when I’m out in Round Rock. You can never have enough music, especially with all the driving I do!

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