Pita Pit, Thunder Bay, ON

I was a bit hungry before leaving Thunder Bay. I was thinking of places to go and I decided to get something healthy at Pita Pit. Supposedly it’s a decent-sized chain. I actually heard of it because the Thunder Bay location follows my Instagram. I decided to drop by and check it out.

I went up to the counter and ordered.

I needed caffeine so I was a bit unhealthy and got a Monster. I put that and my bag of chips on the ledge as I saw them start to fry the meat for my turkey pita.

I looked over at the different toppings you could put in the pita. It looked fresh and healthy!

I told them to put everything on the pita. It was definitely stuffed to the brim!

The pita was good. This may have actually been the first pita I’ve ever eaten, but I know see it’s a great option if I want to eat healthy. Being that it is a widespread chain, I know I should be able to find it pretty easily. I’m glad I was able to discover this on my trip to Thunder Bay!

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