The Pizza Joint, El Paso, TX

On my El Paso trips, I always like staying at the Holiday Inn Express right across the road from work. It makes the commute short by literally allowing me to walk across the street to get to work. There’s also a lot of stuff within walking distance, including Mexico. I was getting hungry and pizza by the slice is always good. I know I love getting it at Polito’s, so when I was looking at Google Maps of places that I could walk to, The Pizza Joint caught my attention.

By their website, it appears they were a quirky local place, so I decided to walk 2 blocks and check it out.

It appears they are well-connected with the local community because there was a lot of flyers of stuff that was going on pasted to their windows by the door.

Their pizza must have been in high demand because I got the last 2 slices that were available at the time.

As I waited for the slices to get reheated, I took a look around the place. They had some interesting pictures on the soda machine, as well as the tea dispenser.

I just wanted pizza by the slice, but it looks like they have a wide variety of things on their menu.

They also had a decent collection of things on the wall.

My pizza finally came. It was definitely good and I was stuffed after eating both pieces!

Overall, the place was much quieter than Tacodeli. It was nice and peaceful while eating there.

I know it wasn’t Mexican food like Rosa’s Cantina or Chico’s Tacos, but it was local and a good slice or two of pizza is always hits the spot!

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