Plan B The Band

I first discovered Plan B when I was at The Wayland. The way they changed back and forth between genres was pretty amazing! I’ve never seen a cover band so versatile!

Fast forward to my latest visit to Thunder Bay. I had to see Plan B again! I had connected with Derek Kenney, the lead singer, on Facebook. I saw they were playing at Cheer’s, so I dropped in.

Like I said, Plan B is the most versatile cover band I have ever seen. They play rock, blues, country, rap, or pretty much whatever they feel like. Heck, shout something out, and they’ll try to play it. If they don’t know it, they’ll BS their way through it. Sometimes it’ll get a bit entertaining.

One thing I can tell is these guys are having a lot of fun. They just look like they’re having a good time as they play their gig. They’ll get the audience involved with everything. The stage show feels a bit like a comedy show as much as it is seeing a band. They’ll laugh at themselves when trying to BS a song goes horribly wrong. Hey, at least they tried!

On the other end of it, they nail the songs they rehearse. They are in perfect sync with each other. It sometimes it makes me wonder if they’re playing seriously or just improvising. It’s often hard to tell!

For band members, you have Derek Kenney as lead vocals and on electric and acoustic guitar.

Graeme David is on bass.

Gregory Schultz is on lead guitar.

Peter Reslinski is on drums.

If you’re ever looking for a great band that will literally cover everything, Plan B is your band. I have yet to find a cover band that covers a wider set of genres!

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