Police Chase in Oklahoma

I had left RockUSA at about 6:30 in the morning. It was about 20 hours from Oshkosh to Austin (2 more hours than from Marshfield to Austin). I hit the road and it took me to Madison and then eventually I found myself on I39. This took me past where I bow fished and my first gas stop was almost in the exact location that I bowfished in Peru, Illinois. I later saw on Facebook a picture taken in 2012, which I had taken on this same road exactly 3 years prior when I was on a road trip to Peoria. It’s amazing how coincidental these things can be.

I originally took that photo because I remembered the line from Golden Earing’s, “Radar Love.” The drive itself was pretty uneventful and I took the exact same way I did when I came up to bowfish in Peru, Illinois. This meant driving through St. Louis and the Ozarks. The further south I drove, the hotter it got. The sun was beating down and I could definitely feel it in my black car. When I was driving Highway 69 in Oklahoma, all of a sudden the semi in front of me started quickly moving to the side. I looked and a red mid-90’s Buick Century blew by me in the left lane. Shortly after that was a cop right on his tail. Since Highway 69 isn’t a true interstate and has roads to turn off on, the next left turn the guy could make, he did. He turned and the cop turned down some back road. I kept driving and shortly after I saw 3 sheriff’s deputy cars go flying in the other direction towards where that guy would have been. I’m sure they were on a manhunt for him or something major was going down. I tried checking Google news and searching for that highway and chase as keywords, but I didn’t find anything news-related. It was kind of crazy seeing a chase like that happen so fast right in front of me. The rest of the drive was uneventful. I made it to the Texas border and found it was too hot to sleep. I pushed myself for the next 3.5 hours to get back to Austin. When I came back to Austin I took a picture of the halfway beard that had grown from not shaving at all at RockUSA.

You can also see that I got a lot of sun. Since it was so muddy, I decided to wear the same jeans the whole time. These were my mud soaked jeans when I took them off.

I was honestly very happy to be back where I could enjoy electricity, air conditioning, and running water. Now with the temps hitting 100 every single day and, even at night, they are still 80-90 degrees, I think I might cut down on my long road trips as I can’t sleep in the car and the AC has to work overtime to keep up with the hot sun and a black car.

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