Politos Pizza

One place I have yet to find in Austin is somewhere that sells pizza by the slice. There are a few places on 6th Street that have a window that sells pizza outside of the bars like this, but they have nowhere to sit down. I guess there are pizza buffets, but those aren’t the same as a place like Polito’s. When I go to Stevens Point, I almost always stop at Polito’s to eat. They have some amazing pizza and the slices are huge. It’s often hard to make a decision on which pieces you want, because you typically want one of each.

Jake and I went to Point to pick up some of his books for school. We swung by Polito’s to eat.

Inside, it’s like an old school New York-style pizzeria along with video games that a modern pizzeria has.

The line was a little long, but nothing compared to after we sat down and started eating.

There is a ton of different pizzas to choose from.

Since I didn’t have breakfast, I decided to dare to eat 3 pieces of pizza. I got one slice each of Mac n’ Cheese, Steak and Fries, and Supreme.

I was definitely stuffed after eating the pizza. We drove back to Marshfield after that and I had to let everything digest. Since I’m up here, I may hit it up once or twice more. I just wish they’d open a location in Marshfield so I don’t have to travel far when I have a pizza craving.


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