Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Round Rock, TX

When it comes to a mass fried chicken chain, Popeye’s Chicken has its own unique niche. Popeye’s puts a Cajun twist to things in both the food and the atmosphere. This is definitely different than places like KFC!

Popeye’s was a bit of a treat when I lived in Wisconsin. My parents in Louisiana for 2 years and came to love Popeye’s. The nearest Popeye’s from our house was in Madison. When my dad had a job that would take him through Madison, he’d always pick up a family pack there. He’d then bring it back to Marshfield. Ironically, when I lived in Madison, my apartment was almost right across the road from it. I’d make it a point to visit there every here and there.

The cool thing about Popeye’s is you can definitely feel the Cajun in it as you walk towards the door. You’ll hear the Cajun music playing a ways out in the parking lot.

The inside has the feel of a large chain to it. You can also sense the Cajun influence to it.

There is a dish of condiments where you order. They also have a new Coke machine to choose your soda (this place didn’t have much of a selection).

Victoria had a “dinner for two” coupon, so I got my fried chicken, and she got her chicken strips.

I didn’t see any wifi there, so there was nothing to report. Besides that, the food was good. I do wish they had a larger soda selection, but beyond that everything else was up to par. Popeye’s is just a good place to get some Cajun-style chicken for a cheap price. Just like when I lived in Madison, it’s now more readily available in Austin than it was in Marshfield. I do find myself going there from time to time.

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