Prime Gelato, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Across the road from the Prince Arthur hotel is Prime Gelato. I remember on some past visits to Thunder Bay, them actively doing construction on the building. I’d be walking by on Red River Road to hit up the bars there, and I’d hear the pounding. I knew they were open on a past visit or two, but I didn’t get a chance to hit them up. After seeing multiple recommendations on the Thunder Bay memories group for this place, and finally finding a little free time and a bit of a sweet tooth, I decided to walk across the street and check the place out.

Obviously, being recently opened, the place had a very modern feel to it.

The cool thing is they are a registered dairy and make everything on site with all natural ingredients.

They also package the gelato so you can easily take it home. They sell it in a cooler on site and I have also seen it at places like George’s Market. This is definitely one of those local products that I seek when I travel.

One thing I will also give this place is the patience of the people working there. I know gelato is one of those trendy things that a lot of the foodie types like to try. Of course, the foodie types can be a bit annoying with their insistence on trying every single flavor before making their order. In my case, there were 3 women ahead of me, so you could say this definitely took a while as they tried every single thing. The girl behind the counter did a good job in being extremely patient as I kind of impatiently waited for the people in front of me to make up their minds.

Now for me, I’ll just order something and try it. I just ordered a coffee sorbet right away. I bet the girl behind the counter was shocked I wasn’t like the people ahead of me who had to try everything first.

Now I’ve never really had gelato before. I’m personally not a big sweets person and usually by the time desert rolls around, I’ve filled up on the main course. With that being said, the gelato was good. In many ways it had the softness of soft serve ice cream, but the texture was a little bit different. The sweetness was good and I definitely like the coffee taste (unlike sweets, coffee is something I consume a lot of).

I’m happy I dropped by Prime Gelato and one thing I definitely discovered about the place is their wifi connection is great and is a bit of a blogger’s dream being on the road. While I love staying at the Prince Arthur, their wifi is kind of slow. I have a feeling I’ll definitely be back at Prime Gelato to enjoy the great taste of gelato while also being able to get some work done with their wifi.

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