Publix Coffee, Lackland, FL

Publix Coffee is your standard run of the mill grocery store coffee. I bought this at a Publix in Port St. Lucie. This was on my Deep South road trip. Publix Coffee is affordable and has a decent taste to it, but you can tell it is mass produced. I’m sure it is a staple of many Florida pantries. I buy generic coffee from time to time, so if I lived in Florida, this would be the generic coffee I’d default to.

Have you tried Publix Coffee before? If you do drink it, it’s most likely you like the store brand at Publix. If not and you’re curious, it’s available for you to order and give it a try. Either click here or click on the picture below.

Do you like this coffee? How does it compare to your local store brand coffee? Our tastes may be different, but I want to hear what you have to say. Leave a comment below!

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